Turn Your Love of Pilates into a Career

The All-American Pilates Certifications, Pilates Workshops, and Pilates Vacations provide Health & Fitness Professionals / Enthusiasts with the practical knowledge, unique hands-on experience and core skills necessary to earn one of All-American’s prestigious certifications. Our program is designed for experienced Sports-Health-Fitness professionals by a team of progressive specialists.

All American Pilates Certification is the best fitness qualification for professionals working with clients who want to increase flexibility and range of motion. Pilates serves a wide variety of clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Your Pilates certification courses focus on building expertise in form, breathing and workout effectiveness so you'll be prepared to teach individually or in a group.

Highlights of your certification goals:

  • Greater ability to target and develop the client's flexibility and range of motion
  • Gain marketability through specialized training offerings unique to you
  • Proven understanding of this well know and highly respected fitness niche

Mat Courses

Whether you are a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Professional, Rehabilitation Professional, or Sports and Movement Professional, opt to learn the Classical and Contemporary Pilates Mat exercises and how to progress, regress and integrate them into a dynamic Pilates Mat / Fitness Program. Additionally, learn how to assess muscle imbalances in both static and dynamic postures in order to design individualized Pilates programs that address the functional and sports specific needs of your clientele.

Equipment Courses

Designed for Pilates Mat Specialist interested in learning how to utilize the full line of Pilates Studio Equipment:  Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels.  Learn how to execute and teach basic level functional stability movements on each piece of Pilates Studio equipment with emphasis placed on:  program design, progression & regression of the Pilates movements depending on fitness level, and establishing and reaching realistic client goals that focuses on trunk stability, hip & shoulder disassociation and increasing range of motion. Learn Pilates Equipment setup & safety, how to design and conduct a Pilates Private Session using both Classical and Contemporary Equipment Exercises, and how to regress and progress your programs into functional, cutting edge, mind body workouts.